Sunday, 8 June 2014

First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Here is my first upload my favorite Thai Movie!!!

First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Mario Maurer as Shone
Sudarat Budtporm as Teacher Inn
Tangi Namonto as Teacher Pon
Pijitra Siriwerapan as Teacher Orn
Acharanat Ariyaritwikol as Top
Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn as Pin
Yanika Thongprayoon as Faye

A heartbroken Top asks Shone to promise never to pursue Nam because he wouldn't be able to see his best friend with the girl he loves. Shone acknowledges his friendship to Top by promising to do so.
Three years have passed by si Nam is a girl who is secretly attracted to P'Shone (many people pronounced it as Shone), her senior at school. However, she feels that Shone is too good-looking for her. Instead, Nam and her three friends turn to the help from the book 'Nine Recipes of Love', which is believed to have a magical power to win affection from the boy of choice. Nam's father works in the States to support his family and promises to Nam and her younger sister that he will send a plane ticket for the US to whichever one of them earn the first place in school. Nam misses her father and is determined to study hard to raise her grade.
Nam and her friends are denied by the Thai dance club after picking a fight with Faye, a pretty girl at school. They instead join the English Drama club headed by Teacher Inn, where Nam is chosen to play Snow White in the school drama, Snow White, during the school fair. Shone is also helping the Drama club as a stage painter. After the drama, Nam becomes popular among the boys at school. Nam also tries to change her appearances by wearing contact lens, braces, and whitening her skin. Her look improves dramatically. She is also chosen as a drum major of the school parade, while Shone joins the soccer team as a striker.
During the second year of the story, Shone's childhood friend, Top, joins the school. He immediately likes Nam and some days later, he confesses his love to Nam. She is shocked and does not answer to avoid the risk of hurting Shone's best friend, Top. Top takes her silence as an acceptance. Next morning, Top asks Nam to go to the football match to see Shone play. Days later, Shone tells Nam that he wishes that he had a girlfriend, much to Nam's shock. They are interrupted by Top before Nam can say anything back. At the birthday night party of Ake, one of their friends, Top and Shone share a story where both liked the same girl and after that experience, they say that they have promised to never to fall in love with the same girl again. During a dance, Top kisses Nam's cheek, making her uncomfortable. That night, Nam breaks up with himnce the beginning of her story. Nam secures the first position in her exam, which means she will get to stay with her father in the States. Nam and her friend finally realizes that the book did not do much help and decides to use the 10th recipe: Direct confession. On the closing of the school year, Nam finally confesses to Shone, only to find out that she is too late. Shone is already going out with Pin, his classmate. That night, Shone comes home to find out that he is accepted into a trainee program in a professional soccer team, and has to leave for the camp the following morning. He goes into his room and takes out a diary. That diary contains all of Nam's photos. Shone has always loved Nam but never managed to pluck up enough courage to tell her. Shone leaves his diary in front of Nam's house.
Nine years later, Nam is a successful fashion designer who recently came back from the States and is asked to appear in a variety show. Shone is now a professional photographer. In that reality show, Nam and Shone reunite. (Source)

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