Saturday, 18 October 2014


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Thirty something Linda has it all. She's fabulously wealthy with an adoring husband, two perfect children, and a challenging job as a journalist. Then, during an interview with a writer, his throwaway comment about preferring dangerous passion to comfortable happiness sets Linda on an increasingly out-of-control cure for her restless boredom. Desperate to climb out of her angst, she concludes another interview assignment, this time with Jacob Konig, an old high school boyfriend-turned-rising Swiss politician, by performing quickie oral sex. Konig, already being blackmailed for a previous affair, leads Linda into an ugly liaison of debauched sex and vengeful jealousy. Though each has so much to lose, they flagrantly push the envelope of their egocentric needs. VERDICT It is a risky literary challenge to generate interest in a character who rails wildly against her self-described boring life. Brazilian author Coelho (The Alchemist), one of the most translated international novelists of all time, is perhaps too successful. Linda's adultery, more tedious than convincing, will fail to convince the reader to accept her guilt-free rationale for her behavior.